Support your local merchants by using the Localtopia app

Localtopia members receive hundreds of FREE digital promo gift cards that automatically renew


How It Works

You can easily find and explore hundreds of popular local businesses on the app

Merchants offer incentives in the form of digital promo cards on their profile page

Show the redeemed card at checkout and tell all your friends how to get their promo cards

Where We Are

For Local Merchants

Never Charge

Other than a onetime small set-up fee, Localtopia never charges the local merchant for any of our services

Promo Cards

Through Localtopia’s innovative business model, you can incentivize new customers without devaluing your product with upsell opportunity

Brand Awareness

Increase profits by attracting new customers, increase customer frequency, and increase customer spending with Localtopia's patented technology

Mobile Presence

Connect with customers efficiently and effectively by becoming a merchant on the Localtopia’s trending mobile app

Customer Reports

Localtopia allows you to customize the kind of data report in order to effectively grow your target market customer base

We Partner with Locally-owned Businesses

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